A Paradise Where The Earth Rises Again, Fertile And Green

Creating great memories is what makes life so full of joy. It’s important to treasure these memories, to relive those memories whenever you can. At the Midgard, we believe in creating those perfect memories for you.

Midgard has always carried the treasury of making amazing memories from the tranquil farm envisioned and created by Mr. List to the calming energy felt from the history that Midgard carries. All of which ended up creating great memories for his grandchildren Sven Thieme and Sonja Thieme who now continue the legacy of their grandfather with their own families. Now, they get to create new stories sure to be told for generations to come.

We are here to give you the perfect escape that feels like your home away from home. Midgard creates that comforting sense of nostalgia , a sense of comfort in the midst of nature and all it had to offer.

Midgard, where great memories are made.